The only manufacturer and installer of


in Quebec for over 45 years

Manufacturer and installer of steel cladding
Steel cladding made in Quebec

Fast and local cladding manufacturing

Our factory in St-Hubert has a high production capacity, which allows us to guarantee short production times and standardized material quality.

Unparalleled expertise in steel cladding

Unparalleled expertise and service

The secret of our success over the years: customer satisfaction. Be advised and accompanied by a team of experts throughout the realization.

A choice of colors for your steel cladding

A wide range of colors and finishes

No more compromises between aesthetics and durability. Discover our wide range of colors, textures, and finishes for cladding to your taste.

Banniere Prix Excellence

Pay up to 25% cheaper than the competition price thanks to our unique "one-stop-shop" approach

No need to deal with multiple companies. We advise you on the best solutions, manufacture locally, and install everything professionally and efficiently.


Our team of experts will guide you throughout the planification, installation and completion of your residential, commercial or industrial project and answer all your questions.

Revêtement métallique écoresponsable

Eco-Friendly Products and

The manufacturing of steel panels requires no petroleum products or other harmful substances for the environment. Research has also shown that the manufacturing of recycled steel products requires up to 80% less energy than making products from raw material. Since steel has a useful lifespan greater than other types of cladding and is 100% recyclable until the end of its useful life, steel is undoubtedly an eco-friendly choice.

Moreover, installing this type of cladding promotes reducing your energy expenditure by offering better retention of the warmth and coolness of your property, both in winter and summer, with minimal maintenance.

45 ans d'expérience en revêtement métallique

More than 45 years of experience

Revêtements Métalliques Lussier is the only manufacturer and installer of pre-painted steel cladding in Quebec for over 45 years.

Our company specializes in the production of steel cladding, flashings, and accessories required for interior and exterior walls, and steel roofing for small and large commercial and residential buildings.

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Satisfied Customers

Incredible choice of materials with a flawless finish. Unparalleled service. At more than competitive prices. Aline Falardeau

Very satisfied with the work done by true professionals. The roofing division manager is very friendly. I highly recommend them at reasonable prices. The lady is very happy! Michel Martin

We had excellent service! Good quality product! William Tremblay

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